Isaac Schultz

“Deeply rooted in our community”

Minnesota is at the crossroads and we need you in the fight! Will our state choose liberty, freedom, and prosperity or will we choose socialism and full government control of our lives? Will we be a state of law and order or a state of lawlessness and warzones? Will parents lead our children’s education or will anti-American zealots rewrite history and sew division and hate among our school children and our communities? Will we stand up and return the surplus to taxpayers or line the pockets of bureaucrats? Will we stand up and fight back or will we walk away from the fight?

Now is the time rise up and fight back. Minnesota and our future is worth fighting for. Now is the time for a fresh new voice who is prepared to lead. That is why I am running.

I am Isaac Schultz and I have fought shoulder to shoulder with American Patriots from Upsala to Ogilvie for the last decade in every major fight across Minnesota.

Growing up on my family’s farm in Upsala, I learned the dignity of hard work from a young age which motivates me to this day to serve with integrity, humility, and respect. Since I was in college, I have eagerly given of my time, talents, and treasure to elect conservatives to every level of government in every corner of Minnesota especially as a volunteer to our local republican party.

The election in 2020 certainly was not the first time we have seen the radical left abuse election law – but it must be the last! Election Integrity cuts to the very core of who we are as Americans. If we cannot have fair and trustworthy elections – the institutions of our society will crumble. That’s why I have been among the hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans fighting for Voter I.D. since it was on the ballot here in Minnesota in 2012 – a time I also joined many Patriots walking parades in the suburbs to help raise awareness to this critical issue. Today, I fully support the Minnesota Election Integrity Act. And especially this year – I invite everyone to become an election judge to stand up and fight back for free and fair elections.

The last few years have been a striking example of what Democrats will do if they ever have full control of state government again. They will trample our constitutional rights and pursue their radical socialist agenda including defunding the police, universal basic income, and drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. I have been in this fight, and won. I served for four years as the legislative assistant to the Speaker of the House and experienced every attack in the book including protests by Black Lives Matter – and not even they could shake me.

President Trump brought new energy and passion to our party and our cause and I was proud to be a Trump Delegate to the 2020 Republican National Convention and I played a key role in bringing the President and numerous members of his campaign team to Northern Minnesota during the 2020 election. This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life – especially when I was able to secure 6 endorsements for President Trump from formerly democrat mayors on Minnesota’s Iron Range.

I have proven to be a leader and a fighter over the last decade which has led me to today, where I have served as the District Director for Congressman Pete Stauber since 2018 leading his team in Minnesota and connecting with and serving the 700,000+ constituents from Swanville to Grand Portage and International Falls to Taylors Falls. My passion is for service and conservative leadership – which puts Minnesota First.

These are values which are lived out in our community from Ogilvie to Upsala, and from Pierz to Royalton, Rice, Foley, and Milaca. I am proud to have always called this district home and I humbly ask for your vote to represent our voice in St. Paul.

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