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A Champion for Conservative Values
"I am honored to fight for our shared values in our rural, town communities where my family settled over 150 years ago."

Fellow Minnesotans,

My name is Isaac Schultz, and I’m the State Representative in House District 10B in Central Minnesota. I’m a fifth generation resident of the area and I grew up picking rocks and baling hay on my family’s century farm. Today, I work in my family’s small business – Schultz Auctioneers, and I am a third generation auctioneer. I have been involved in our local republican party for over a dozen years.

Following the 2022 election, I have been blessed to be elected to the House Republican Leadership team where we are laser focused upon making Minnesota More Affordable and standing up to the radical Democrat agenda in St. Paul. While Governor Tim Walz and his liberal cronies insist upon wasting our hard-earned taxpayer dollars and fundamentally changing the core tenants of our society, I am proud to stand-up and fight back for our rural, small town conservative values.

I am a strong conservative voice who champions our values. My Christian faith and my conservative values have been instilled in me by my family, my church, and my community for my entire life, and I am the tip of the spear in Saint Paul fighting for the rights of the unborn, defending our religious liberties, standing up for our 2nd Amendment, and protecting our way of life from the radical Socialist-Democrat agenda in Saint Paul.

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